Lily Grace RN, CDT, is a Registered Nurse and Certified Dog Trainer.

Lily graduated from college in 1984 with a degree in nursing/biology. She furthered her education by graduating as a Certified Dog Trainer from the Master Trainer program at the National K9 School for Dog Trainers. Lily specialized in Pediatric/Neonatal Nursing and worked in the intensive care units of various hospitals throughout Arizona and California. While nursing she also trained dogs, competing in AKC Obedience trials and earning several titles.

Desiring to combine both her Nursing and Dog Training passions, and realizing the benefit medical service dogs could provide, Lily and her husband Ken created and opened The National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs (NIDAD) in 2002. Working together they successfully trained and placed hundreds of Service Dogs across the country and Canada.

Deciding to take life at a slower pace NIDAD was sold in 2015. While no longer at the helm, Lily continued to consult and contract train a few dogs for the new owners.

After moving to beautiful Sandpoint Idaho, Lily's passion for training and desire to help others couldn't keep her sidelined for long. So together with her husband they have once again created their Service Dog program. After much thought it was decided that the new business should personally stamp its name on every dog they place and "Lily Grace Service Dogs" was born.

Lily and Ken are experienced trainers and know what is required to be the BEST Service Dog providers in the country.

      • Compassion and Desire to Help Others.

      • An Abiding Love for Dogs and Passion for Dog Training.

      • Experience, Education and Credentials.

      • Excellent Communication Skills.

      • An Ability to Deliver what we Promise!

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